Literature review analysis- Measures to reduce labor cost


The study has been conducted with the help of different type of Analysis on people and market. I might wish to appreciate their serving to facilitate and help therefore I impart all. I might wish to provides a vote of special due to the subsequent .


I might wish to impart to my academic Sir. World Health Organization  supervised the study and was guilty of the whole project. His presence and help was outstanding so I m  grateful to him.


we would wish to impart my edifice managers and supervisors World Health Organization gave their consent to carry-out the study. Their help compete Associate in Nursing important half within the completion of the project.


we  wish to impart all the opposite folks that offer American state with the vulnerable resources to conduct study. Their facilitate and help was terribly valuable so I might wish to acknowledge all from deep core of heart.



This review offers you the knowledge of different kinds of studies that has been mapped out to explore the study of “measures to save lots of man power” within the “food and beverage”. In edifice trade and its clarification determinant the most conception of the analysis. this review provides you adequate study of the measures to be opted by the f and b sector. This review includes following sections:

  • Primary section consists of introduction and importance of  measures to be taken for reducing labor cost within the cordial reception sector.
  •  The second section discusses the varied measures to be opted  by the trade.
  • Third section provides  Literature analysis and address the foremost of probably  contribution of the analysis to the cordial reception trade.


This review of literature has been administrated on analysis focusing primarily on measures to avoid wasting man power within the cordial reception sector.

Analysis is being done on the subsequent live that directly suits the food and potable outlet and whole trade too soo that this my analysis will facilitate the readers out by sortieing out the matter in reality.

As I have taken this analysis on terribly serious note that covers all the aspects of the food and potable the cordial reception trade . This analysis includes many ways that are being accustomed do this analysis like, survey , reality expertise, discussions , theories own information. This report  highlights the abstract discussions and also the literature review in conjunction with the identification of analysis gaps. Studies concentrate on the labor management system, practices and challenges within the day to day. lifetime of building with the management and workers normally within the cordial reception sector.


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